Don’t Let Stress Bring You Down

stressed out

Stress is a term used when you feel that everything is becoming too much on you. In the medical world, stress can be referred to as a reaction to a destabilization of both physical and mental equilibrium. When under duress or whatever stressing situation you are in; the body undergoes a ‘fight or flight’ mode triggering the release of hormones such cortisol and adrenaline. Well, that is a jargon for those who never did biology but simple enough to make you understand.

Mark you; stress is a normal part of life if managed well but can get out of hand and cause adverse effect to your health.

What causes stress?

There is no single collection of things that can be said to cause stress. Some people are stressed by small things in their life while it takes a tragic thing for others to be stressed. While stress can be caused by a myriad of things, here are a few common causes you should be aware of;

  • Poor health: conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases and arthritis among others are known to cause stress.
  • Tragic losses: the loss of a family member, a close friend or someone you know could trigger harmful stress.
  • Family problem: family especially for the married can be an endless source of stress
  • Emotional issues such anger, lack of self control and low self-esteem cause stress in many people
  • Work related problems. Having a hard time at the work place is not easy to take. Most working people get their stress from their working environment and that transcends into their daily life.
  • Social problems such as keeping bad company and rejection by friends would lead to considerable stress.

Effects of stress

  • Lack of mind clarity and making wrong decisions
  • Chest and back pain
  • Obesity in children. With stress comes the craving for food. This is a direct ticket to obesity.
  • Erectile dysfunction. For the worst, stress can kill sex desire in anyone. Your libido goes down and you never rise for the occasion.
  • Lack of sleep. It is hard to sleep when you are stressed and that would take a toll on anyone.

How to manage stress

To be honest, managing stress is not easy. It needs you to get to the bottom of what causes it and uproot it entirely. Not many people can solve their stressing problems and thus stress becomes a norm that is not easy to shake off. But how well can you manage stress?

  • Positive thinking: even at the middle of problems you should see yourself as a winner. Do not give in to fate.
  • Keep good company: those around you would either help you deal with stress or make it worse. A good company is a plus if you want to beat depression.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle: eating balanced diet, exercising, avoiding alcohol and finding time for fun would go a long way to help you evade or deal with stress.
  • Staying away from what stresses you. If you do some soul searching you will definitely find the things that stress you up. The solution is simple: stay away from them.