How Dental Health Affects Your Body

Oral Health

Your dental health is very vital than you might realize. Your dental health has significance to your overall body health. If you have good dental health, it means that you also have good overall body health. This is why it is necessary to ensure that you maintain good dental health. To help you gain more understanding, here are some of the ways on how dental health affects your body.

Dental health and cardiovascular health

Inflammation of the gum has shown that it increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. This happens because gum diseases enhance the inflammation throughout your body, leading to cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that people suffering from periodontal disease are at higher risk of suffering from heart diseases and fatal heart attack. Gum disease as a result of extended bacterial exposure can cause cardiovascular disease.

Dental health and diabetes

It is known that people suffering from diabetes have higher risk of suffering from gum disease. However, studies have also shown that severe gum disease can also lead to diabetes as it affects the control of blood glucose in the body. Since periodontal disease is a type of infection, bacterial produce toxins that has effects on carbohydrate metabolism in the cells. This increases insulin resistance leading to diabetes.

Lung infections and oral health

People suffering from dental health issues such as periodontal disease have high number of bacteria breeding in their mouths. This also increases inhaling of germs leading to lung infections such as pneumonia. For those with preexisting problem of the lungs, gum disease makes the problem worse.

Dental health, pregnancy and your baby Studies have revealed that pregnant women suffering from progressive gum disease have high risk of suffering from gestational diabetes. They also have higher risk of delivering low birth weight or pre-term baby. During pregnancy, it is important to have regular dental checkups with a hygienist and dentist. Babies that are born with low birth weight have higher risks of developing complications such as asthma, infections of the ear, behavioral difficulties and birth abnormalities. Teeth grinding and joint health In most cases, bruxism is mild. However, when it is severe and frequent, teeth grinding can lead to aggravation of joints in your lower jaw. This leads to tightness or pain in the joint area, headaches and earaches. Bruxism can also lead to wearing down of your enamel leading to more tooth sensitivity and broken teeth. It is also good to note that with good dental health, it means that you will be able to eat well. Your teeth with be strong, thus can chew even hard foods making your body strong. This will not happen when you have dental problems, leading to malnourishment and poor health.

Bottom line, to maintain good dental health, you need top brush your teeth in the right manner. You should also look after your gums to prevent oral diseases. Follow a certain routine when brushing your teeth twice a day. You should also clean them with floss or interdental brushes. Regular check ups by your dentists are also vital to improve your overall health.